What Will Baby Be? Gender Reveal Balloon | 36 Inch Boy or Girl Balloon with Mini Balloons and Confetti

What Will Baby Be? Gender Reveal Balloon | 36 Inch Boy or Girl Balloon with Mini Balloons and Confetti

What Will Baby Be? Gender Reveal Balloon | 36 Inch Boy or Girl Balloon with Mini Balloons and Confetti

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  • ✅ UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS! - Celebrate your family's precious moment with Baby Surprise Co.'s gender reveal balloon. Our confetti balloon will make your gender reveal party a spectacle for the whole family. Create a unforgettable moment for your family with our bright, fluttering blue or pink confetti.
  • ✅ WHAT WILL BABY BE? - It's a question that on everyone’s mind! This cute message sits pretty across the front of our gender reveal decorations balloon in an angelic white font. The balloon is premium quality and we use the darkest shade of black so you don't have to worry about sunlight ruining the surprise early!
  • ✅ EXCITING POP! - These jumbo-sized gender reveal balloons provide a beautiful insta-worthy pop! Floating at 36 inches (3 ft) large and filled with 2X the amount of slow-falling pink or blue confetti compared to our competitors, you can be sure the reveal of your little boy or girl's gender won't be understated!
  • ✅ EASY TO USE - Our gender reveal balloon kit is a breeze to set up! We know you want your day to be as stress-free as possible, so that's why each gender reveal balloon box comes with a easy to follow instructional video via QR code. This ensures you and your loved ones can focus on what matters, your special baby gender reveal day!
  • ✅ RELIABLE QUALITY – 100% of Baby Surprise Co.'s products are quality inspected for durability and function, so you can buy with confidence! We also pack a back-up balloon for practice or just in case any of life's little mishaps crop up, so your gender reveal party goes according to plan.

Let everyone know the gender of your little one with Baby Surprise Co.'s gender reveal confetti balloon!

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· Remove contents from box.

· Semi-inflate large 36" balloon.

· Insert the correct color confetti into the large 36" balloon.

· Inflate a small balloon inside the semi-inflated large balloon.

· Repeat until the desired amount of small balloons have been entered.

· Fully inflate the large balloon with the contents inside.

· Tie the string to the large 36" balloon.

· Use tape or twist ties provided to attach both pink, white and blue tassels to the string.

· Pop the balloon to reveal the gender. Surprise!

Allow our elegant balloons and amazing slow-fall confetti wow you and yours with Baby Surprise Co.'s gender reveal balloon box! After research, we concluded that adding mini balloons enhances the visibility of the color longer for your guests and photos. It is this attention to detail that ensures our dramatic baby gender reveal party supplies will exceed your expectations!

What you get:

2 x 36" Black Balloons

1 x Blue 1 x Pink confetti pack

10 x Blue 10 x Pink Mini Balloons

Pink, Blue and White Tassels