Gender Reveal Party Tips

The idea of a gender reveal party did not come about until about a decade ago, yet in the short period that it’s been around, it has gained a lot of traction. Pregnancy reveals are an exciting time in every parents’ life, and many future mothers and fathers wait anxiously to find out the gender of their child. New parents love to share the news with their loved ones and what better way to do it than to throw an entire party dedicated to the gender reveal, including gender reveal games, guesses, and even cake! It’s a fun time for everybody, especially the expecting mother and father. If you are currently planning a gender reveal party or just thinking ahead for the future, you’ll love our party planning tips mentioned below.

Have Your Gender Reveal Appointment

You can’t have a gender reveal party without the gender part. When attending your 18-20 week appointment, ask your doctor to find out the gender of the child, but prepare them that you do not want to know it, rather, have them write it down and either put it in an envelope or contact your designated gender keeper and let them know instead. By picking a person that will keep your baby’s gender a secret until the day of the event will prevent your or your partner’s curiosity from ruining the surprise. From there, your trustee can pass this information along to whoever prepares your grand reveal and you will ensure your reaction is authentic and exciting for the gender reveal.

Pick a Theme

Picking a theme ahead of time and sticking to it will make the rest of the gender reveal party planning process much easier. By sticking to a particular theme, you will no longer have to make the tough choice between yellow and purple napkins. Picking out your decorations will prove to be a much easier task when the color scheme is decided ahead of time. Having a theme also helps to create a unique experience and gives your gender reveal a personal touch.

Create a Guestlist

Revealing the gender of your child is a very important moment in the lives of all parents, especially first-time parents. Deciding who you want to share this moment with is crucial. Whether you are a fan of intimate gatherings with close family and friends only, or you prefer a larger social gathering, creating a guest list will allow you to make the remaining decisions around the size of your venue and amount of food you need to order, among others.

Decide on Food and Drink Options

The best and most commonly quoted part of attending any event is the food and drinks, a gender reveal party is no different. Whether you decide to serve a full-course meal and alcoholic beverages or provide light snacks and refreshments, the choice is up to you. Your food and drink options can range from sandwich platters to cupcakes and even ice cream. You may choose snacks that fit in with your overall party theme or even choose to do the gender reveal itself in a form of cake or other food items. A common choice for sweet treats for many people is gender-coded cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, or cake-pops. By color-coding the sweets with blue and pink, you allow your guest to make their guess on what the gender of your baby will be.


Plan Games and Activities

Oftentimes your friend or family member of choice will be the one planning the gender reveal party for the expecting parents, surprising them with fun games and activities during the party. Games and interactive activities allow you to connect with your party guests and have fun while guessing the gender of your baby. It can get quite competitive as the opposing sides become more passionate about their choice! Some staple gender reveal activities include guessing the gender. Whether you decide to allow your guests to cast a choice and drop it in a bowl, or check off a chalkboard so you can count up the tally and pick the winning team, the choice is yours. Another gender reveal activity that is popular in most reveal parties is name picking. Your guests can pick a name that corresponds to the gender they believe your child will be. There are many options when it comes to the activities and you can personalize them towards your party using your and your guests’ preferences. Soon, we will share the recommendations of our favorite games and activities you can include in your upcoming gender reveal party.

The Grand Gender Reveal

The gender reveal is what it all boils down to, and the options on how you can do it are limitless. Some of the popular choices for this occasion are cupcakes or cake filled with the color associated with the gender, piñatas filled with confetti, or a balloon pop reveal. While there is a multitude of choices, some are more exciting than others, it all depends on your preferences and tastes. Different options create different results and before deciding, you should consider the aim of your reveal. If you’d prefer a fun and interactive reveal, popping multiple balloons with your partner until the one filled with colored confetti is found is a great way to incorporate competitive spirit and fun into the party. If you aim to have artistic and picturesque photos, colored smoke cannons create beautiful imagery and are our personal favorites.  

When planning your next gender reveal party consider the tips above and use them as guidance on checking the most important steps off the checklist. While there are many more optional steps such as assigning a photographer or deciding what party favors will be given out, if any, this post should cover the basics to get you started. Don’t forget that any gender reveal party is special and it should not be a time of stress for the expecting parents. Remember to enjoy your time and the celebration around your bundle of joy.

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