Big Sibling Adventures: 13 Exciting Ways to Help Your Toddler Welcome a New Baby

Big Sibling Adventures: 13 Exciting Ways to Help Your Toddler Welcome a New Baby!

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Are you expecting a new addition to your family? Congratulations! πŸŽ‰ This is an exciting time, and we want to make it even more special for your toddler by helping them prepare to become a big sibling. With Baby Surprise Co., it's all about creating fun and unforgettable moments. So, let's dive into these 13 creative ways to help your toddler bond with their future sibling and celebrate the joy of having a new baby! πŸΌπŸ‘Ά

  1. Storytime with Baby: Read baby books together and let your toddler pick out a special story to share with their new sibling. It's a great way to help them feel more connected!
    reading to toddler a story about having a new baby in the family
  2. DIY Big Sibling Kit: Create a personalized big sibling kit for your toddler, filled with items that will make them feel important in their new role. You can even include our 2 Pink and 2 Blue Confetti and Powder Cannons for a celebratory surprise!DIY baby box gender
  3. Baby Countdown: Make a countdown calendar together, marking off each day until the new baby arrives. Your toddler will love the anticipation!Calendar countdown for baby
  4. Artwork for Baby's Room: Let your little artist create a masterpiece to hang in the baby's nursery. They'll be proud to contribute to the new baby's room artwork, layout and design
  5. New Baby Prediction Game: Help your toddler make predictions about the baby's gender, eye color, hair color, and more! Use our 4 Blue Confetti and Powder Cannons or 4 Pink Confetti and Powder Cannons to make the big reveal even more exciting!gender reveal prediction game
  6. Baby's First Playlist: Make a playlist of lullabies and songs that your toddler can sing to the new baby.
    baby's first playlist lullaby
  7. Big Sibling Bootcamp: Teach your toddler essential big sibling skills, like diaper changing, swaddling, and how to hold a baby safely.big sister helping younger sister with bike helmet
  8. Baby Name Brainstorm: Involve your toddler in brainstorming baby names! They'll love being a part of such an important name list
  9. Stuffed Animal Siblings: Get your toddler a stuffed animal that looks like the baby they're expecting, and encourage imaginative play about their future sibling.toddler playing with baby doll
  10. Pamper the Big Sibling: Plan a special day for your toddler, filled with their favorite activities, to celebrate their upcoming promotion to big sibling.toddler playing the guitar
  11. Sibling Slumber Party: Host a "practice" slumber party with your toddler and their stuffed animal sibling.
    slumber party with mom toddler and stuffed animals and dolls
  12. Matching Outfits: Buy matching outfits for your toddler and the new baby, so they can be a stylish sibling duo! Snap some cute photos to create lasting memories.
    matching outfits for baby and toddler brothers
  13. Create a Big Sibling Certificate: Design and print a "Big Sibling Certificate" to present to your toddler when the new baby arrives, making them feel extra special in their new role.
    big sibling certificate

These 13 fun and creative activities will help your toddler get excited about their new sibling and create a strong bond even before the baby arrives. Don't forget to visit our Baby Surprise Co. Storefront for gender reveal essentials, like our 2x Black Balloons with Pink and Blue Confetti to make the big announcement even more memorable.

We wish you and your family all the best as you embark on this exciting new adventure! Don't forget to share your favorite big sibling moments with us by using the hashtag #BabySurpriseCo on social media. Happy bonding! 😊


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