10 Clever Ways to Surprise Your Husband with Your Pregnancy Announcement

10 Clever Ways to Surprise Your Husband with Pregnancy News - Baby Surprise Co

10 Clever Ways to Surprise Your Husband with Pregnancy News

Telling your husband that you're expecting is a moment to cherish. It's an opportunity to get creative and make the announcement truly memorable. In this blog post, we'll share ten clever ideas for surprising your husband with the big news, and we'll also introduce you to Baby Surprise Co, a fantastic company offering top-notch gender reveal party supplies for your big day.

1. Custom fortune cookie

Order a custom fortune cookie with a message inside announcing your pregnancy. Serve it as dessert after a special dinner at home or at his favorite restaurant.

fortune cookie gender reveal pregnancy surprise

2. Movie night surprise

Host a movie night and create a custom video or slideshow that starts with your husband's favorite movie trailer, followed by your pregnancy announcement. Play it before the movie begins.

movie night pregnancy surprise pregnancy reveal pregnant announcement

3. Special delivery

Send your husband a special delivery at work with a package containing a baby onesie, your positive pregnancy test, or a cute baby item along with a note announcing the news.

special delivery pregnancy announcement gender reveal signing pregnant package its a boy its a girl pink blue

4. Puzzle it out

Create a custom puzzle with the pregnancy announcement printed on it. Spend a cozy evening together assembling the puzzle and watch his reaction as the message is revealed.

custom puzzle for pregnancy announcement we're pregnant blue pink boy girl baby surprise co Gender reveal

5. A sweet announcement

Bake or order a cake, cupcakes, or cookies with a message announcing your pregnancy. Share the sweet treat after dinner or during a casual weekend at home.

gender reveal cake cupcakes blue pink boy girl sweet

6. Sports fan surprise

If your husband is a sports fan, order a custom jersey for his favorite team with "Daddy" and your due date on the back. Present it to him as a surprise gift.

sports gender reveal pregnancy announcement ideas boy girl basketball jersey

7. Morning coffee reveal

Buy or create a custom coffee mug with a message revealing the pregnancy. Serve him coffee in the new mug, and watch his face as he reads the message.

coffee gender reveal pregnancy surprise telling your husband you are pregnant

8. A new book for dad

Purchase a book for new dads and leave it on his nightstand or in a place where he'll easily find it. Attach a note inside with your due date and the exciting news.

dad reading gender reveal pregnancy reveal to boyfriend husband blue pink

9. Capture the moment

Ask your husband to take a photo of you, but instead of saying "cheese," say "I'm pregnant!" Record his reaction on camera for a priceless keepsake.

surprise pregnancy announcement camera photo surprise reveal

10. Gender reveal with Baby Surprise Co.

Plan an intimate gender reveal party with just the two of you using Baby Surprise Co.'s top-notch gender reveal products:

These products can add a fun and memorable touch to your pregnancy announcement. Enjoy the surprise and cherish the moment!

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